Our People.


Stefanie Mendes and Jamie Melvin

Jamie was born in Kenya and spent the majority of his childhood fishing between Kenya and the UK with some schooling in the middle. He’s been wielding a fly rod since the age of 3 and his love for fishing has taken him around the world. A fully qualified fly fishing guide, charter skipper and deckhand with a degree in complexity science and systems thinking, Jamie started out working in big business in the city of London until his passion pulled him out of the rat race to run fly-fishing operations in East Africa and now in the Bahamas.

Stefanie grew up in Portugal, England and Florida. Her passion for travel took her to New Zealand where she became a snowboarding instructor and to Australia where she settled to do a
bachelors degree in property and sustainable development. Stef loves to help others and enjoys involving herself in charity work, conservation initiatives and community development projects. Her profound love for the ocean and conservation pulled her out of the London property market to Kenya where she did a permaculture course, learnt to fly fish, taught Jamie to surf, and supported him in running a fly-fishing operation.


Leslie Johnson / Head Guide

Leslie is a real Androsian and has been guiding at Bair’s for 22 years—talk about a long time! He fell in love with fishing when he was a kid and what he enjoys most is the relaxing feeling he gets when he’s on the water. He likes to describe himself as a fishy guy!

Theophilus “Tee” Flowers

Born and raised in Congo Town, South Andros, Tee believes that living and working in the Bahamas is a blessing and truly enjoys being on the water and meeting new people. He’s passionate about teaching anglers new tips and techniques.

Harlon “Harley” Sands

Harley has spent his entire life in South Andros. He is one of South Andros’ veteran guides and started fishing at a very young age. He enjoys the team aspect, the environment, the sun and water. Abaco guide Travis is Harley’s son—so if you’ve met Travis, you’ll know whom his huge smile came from.

Gary Francis

Although he was raised in South Andros, Gary came to us from Nassau. He’s one of our long-standing guides and began apprenticing at the age of 25. He’s also a natural born joker—and a natural born bonefish spotter—so you’ll surely enjoy your time with him on the water.

Ronnie Bain

Proud of his country for its safety and opportunities, he loves everything about being a bonefish guide—but most of all meeting new people and sharing his experiences. With Ronnie, it’s all about the water: bonefishing, offshore fishing and diving the island’s amazing blue holes. So, just look toward the water and you’ll find him!

Chris Bain

Chris has been working at Bair’s since 2015. He loves the Bahamas for its easy-going vibe. Of course—what loves even more—is that it’s the best bonefishing destination in the world. Chris also owns a local Bar. He’ll be happy to fix you up some drinks!


Valentino Adderley/ Chef

Valentino was born in Nassau, but has lived in Freeport and in the Abacos. Having worked in the best restaurants around the Bahamas, his mastery of culinary arts has led to a love of experimenting with new dishes every season. Quick Valentino trivia: poetry is one of his other passions.

Aretta Rahming / House Staff

Aretta lives in Kemps Bay, South Andros—close to Bair’s. She is in charge of prepping the boat lunches every morning and fixing up the rooms during the day. Always smiling, Aretta loves making our guests happy. She’s also a great cook and makes the best mac & cheese cake in the Bahamas!

Lisa Sands / House Staff

Originally from Nassau, Lisa moved to South Andros less than 2 years ago and immediately fell in love with the place. At the lodge, she’s in charge of keeping all our bedding soft and gentle to ensure our guests have a pleasurable night’s rest.  Lisa is also the lodge’s certified birthday cake lady!

Lita Johnson / House staff

Lita is a Bair’s Lodge legend (she’s been working here since before it was the Bair’s you know today). She is cool, calm and collected, and loves warming hearts with her beautiful smile every evening. Lita is also our head guide’s wife.

Michelle Pratt / House staff

It was love that brought Michelle to South Andros more than twenty years ago. Proud mother of a teenage boy, Michelle is a true team asset, keeping the lodge in tip-top shape for our guests. When she’s not working, Michelle loves fixing hair, dancing and singing karaoke.

Val Carey / House staff

Val is also one of the veteran members of the Bair’s team having worked with us since 2005. She has an incredible sense of humor and what she loves best about the hospitality business is the rewarding feeling of making an impact on somebody’s life. At Bair’s’ she will delight you with her exquisite homemade bread.

Darrell Pratt / Lodge Maintenance

Darrell is a serious traveler and has lived on more than 40 Bahamian islands. He’s also extremely energetic and makes sure the lodge is in perfect shape all the time. Darrell enjoys life and loves his job in hospitality. In his own words: “I come every morning happy to do this, I love meeting new people and give them all of me—they are like my family.”

Anston Poiter / Boat and Lodge Maintenance

Anston is Val’s son. Together with Darrell, he keeps the lodge functioning smoothly and spick and span. Recently, he’s also become our boat mechanic. Anston loves the Bahamas for the freedom it provides and its laidback atmosphere. When he’s not working—sometimes even when he is!—he loves listening to music.